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Christopher Voltsis is a voice actor and sound artist best known for his inability to write about himself. Ideally, he'd have somebody else write this, but he's not that famous yet. He's also hoping somebody with a sense of humor casts him soon!


While I had no idea I wanted to be an actor in my youth, there were signs based on my expert ability to voice G.I. Joe action figures. And, of course, thoroughly annoy my friends.


Over a decade as a YouTube content creator led to my first auditions for a game called Warlock 2: The Exiled. After landing a few roles, I was hooked and quickly fell in love with the craft. There's something about breathing life into characters and helping create an immersive experience through voice.

My next big break was as the Command Wheel voice in MechWarrior Online, a franchise with which I spent much of my time during the 90s. I studied the MechWarrior 2 manual more than my school texts, which explains my academic achievements or lack thereof. Of course, that left room for acting and audio engineering coaching, which went a long way toward securing more work and providing industry-standard sound to studios worldwide!

That's a fancy way of saying I send extraordinarily high-quality audio files to people and hope they notice. They usually don't, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I sent something Spielberg would happily use in his films!


With all of this said, I'm incredibly passionate about voice-over and sound. I hope it shows because I'm not a writer, which definitely shows. Actors are one piece of the puzzle, and it's always a pleasure working with people far more talented than myself to create the next great adventure! 



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